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US Marines Facing a 'Different War' in Afghanistan


"I have already made my peace with God because this war is different, it's not conventional," the 23-year-old bespectacled Chicago native says.

"These Taliban have learned their lesson. They adapt as fast as we do, but we are bound by our strict rules. They are not," he adds, panting after a 100-metre dash for cover behind an abandoned mud house.

"It can be a death run like this every day."


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Comment by Lucky Red
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 There are just so many things wrong with that opening statement that makes me feel like barfing.  Now, if y'all excuse me...

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Wow.  Be sure to read the comments posted against the original article.  Almost all anti-war, and very eloquent, too.

Comment by Anonymous
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Great!  Thirty thousand more chunks of cannon-fodder meat to join the poor fools already there.   The gross stupidity and arrogance of our politicians is overwhelming, and sickening.  

The most disgusting part of it that the dumb-ass American public allows this.