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Colorado State goon gets popped for DUI while driving DPS cruiser!! Dozens of calls to 911...

• KUSA-TV 9 - Denver
DOUGLAS COUNTY - A Colorado State Patrol Trooper, driving a marked patrol car, was taken into custody for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol Monday morning.

Forty-eight-year-old David Dolan, a 21-year veteran, has been booked on charges of DUI and prohibited use of weapons.

A spokesperson for Douglas County Sheriff's Office says Douglas County dispatch received multiple calls from people reporting that a marked Colorado State Patrol vehicle was driving erratically northbound on Interstate 25, just before the Castle Rock area.

Dolan was pulled over at Platte Canyon and C-470 around 7:05 a.m., shortly after a Douglas County deputy spotted his car driving westbound on C-470 at Santa Fe.

Dolan, who was in full uniform, was arrested and is being held at Douglas County Detention Center.

SKY9 flew above the area of westbound C-470 and Santa Fe just after 7 a.m. where the patrol car was stopped by Douglas County Sheriff's deputies.

SKY9 video showed a state trooper being taken out of the patrol car and walked by deputies to the deputies' vehicle where he was handcuffed and put in the back of the vehicle.

CSP released the following statement after confirming the incident and announcing a criminal investigation.

"I am very concerned and disturbed regarding the events of this morning. The Colorado State Patrol takes any violation of law and/or policy seriously and we will move quickly and thoroughly through this administrative investigation.

"While any violation of law is serious, this alleged act is very concerning given the nature of the mission of the Colorado State Patrol. We have a 75 year history of combating impaired and drunken driving and are deeply committed to eradicating this senseless crime on our roads,"Colonel James Wolfinbarger, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol, said.

Dolan has been placed on unpaid administrative leave.
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Comment by Kate Szot
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 It is a sad thing when things like this happen.  Officers are people just as we are, however, due to the profession they chose to perform, they are held to a higher standard.  Many people have showed up at work drunk or high on drugs, they just were not caught.

All I can say is that the officers that did pick this man up did their jobs with no respect of the uniform that matched theirs.  My thanks to the hard working men and women of the law enforcement.  If more dedicated officers help stop the ones that are not abiding by the laws they swore to up hold, maybe the people would be more respectfull of the laws.  Maybe we could all learn forgiveness and compassion for each other.  This is not to say let the illegal acts continue.  It means let those that know they are in the wrong admit the wrong and get help to be restored so integrity can be the law of the land again.

Comment by RickStone
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 "SKY9 video showed a state trooper being taken out of the patrol car and walked by deputies to the deputies' vehicle where he was handcuffed and put in the back of the vehicle."

 WTF, I thought it was standard procedure to jerk drunk criminals out of their cars, slam them on the ground and beat them without mercy before and after they are handcuffed and then drag them to the police car ! I guess the arresting officers did not read the manual. They need to go back to the academy and be retrained.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Let him know that Riverside, CA needs a new chief: 

He appears to meet the qualifications.