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Obama slips into Afghanistan to voice US resolve

• AP

Under elaborate secrecy, President Barack Obama slipped into Afghanistan on Sunday near the front lines of the increasingly bloody 8-year-old war he is expanding and affirmed America's commitment to destroying al-Qaida and its extremist allies in the land where the 9-11 plot was hatched.

Obama's six-hour visit was conducted entirely under the shroud of nightfall, after Air Force One's unannounced flight from the U.S. Obama defended his decision to escalate the fight, telling troops whose numbers he is tripling that their victory is imperative to America's safety.


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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Obama sneak visits Karzai who just lost his rule, or did he:

Comment by Anonymous
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Obama speaks of resolve but it's soliders who do the dieing.  

Maybe this thing will go on long enough that his daughters will reach military age, join the military and go over there.