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Meet the "Patriots" - Southern Poverty Law Center

You've got to see this to believe it....

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Comment by foundZero
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Ross Wolf, we have the answer from Heidi Beirich herself: the SPLC exists to track RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS. Anything or anyone else is outside of their mission.

Simple as that. They exist to find fault with us.

Comment by Anarchocapitalist
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Look who made the list!!!

Arguing at Gunpoint
Chris Broughton, 29

Chris Broughton loves his guns and hates President Obama — so much, in fact, that he believes the president belongs in hell. He's not too fond of George W. Bush, either.

Broughton made headlines in August 2009 when he showed up outside an Obama rally in Phoenix with an AR-15 assault rifle slung over his shoulder and a pistol holstered on his waist, becoming a hero to many in the "Patrtiot" movement in the process. He said he carries his guns habitually.

Broughton, apparently assuming that the Obama Administration planned gun control measures, said he wanted to make a point about the right to own guns. "The overwhelming statement I was trying to make was whether you like it or not, my guns aren't going away," said the Phoenix machinist. "They're going to be here until you kill me and take them away."

He claims that some news broadcasters edited video footage of the scene to hide his race (he's black) when reporting on the racist backlash to Obama's election. Presumably, he felt that was part of an effort to paint Obama's critics as racist.

Broughton is a member of We the People, a Patriot tax protest group that has played a central role in the resurgence of the militia movement. He also belongs to the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe. That's the church where pastor Steven Anderson told the congregation in August 2009 he would pray that Obama dies and goes to hell. Broughton said he believes there is a hell, and that it was made for evil people – folks like Obama, both former Bush presidents, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and leaders of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Barack Obama is responsible for more death than my guns ever will be," Broughton said. "He could end so much suffering immediately, and instead he uses his power to force his agenda. I do hate him."

Comment by Anonymous
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Morris Dees was a head-case waiting to explode even before he started SPLC, and once recognized by the media showed he could find a boogieman under any given rock.  The media ate it up then, and still drinks their kool-aid.

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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the southern poverty organization is so full of themselves and depraved at heart 

they are the enemy and why they see themselves as a missiah of something so delusional and grandeur thoughts of megla mania

they should be declared luney toons instead of real people


they left out some people like clay douglas and alex jones and rbnlive and terry anderson

and the southern puking organization are racist at heart for sure

Comment by Ross Wolf
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I could not help notice the Southern Poverty Law Center in this article did not mention a single left-wing organization. Why is that?