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Gary Franchi on Declare your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock 1/4

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Ernest Hancock interviews Gary Franchi about the state of the movement, the orgins and success of the Reality Report and Restore the Republic and where we are headed as a republic.

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Comment by Nick Saorsa
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I know Ernie has been busy, but I'd like to thank him for reaching out to Gary to make sure he knew the truth about the immigration bill in AZ. Does anyone know if Ernie has talked to any of the other people in the freedom movement that just DONT GET the immigration bill for what it is (national id, police state)?  In the last few weeks, I've listened to Alex Jones a few times... each time, he is spouting off about how he supports SB 1070. If he is talking about it the few times I've listened, he is undoubtedly mentioning it frequently. I know it isn't Ernie's job to feed Alex Jones information, but it couldn't hurt this time.