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Investing–The New Rules: Dollar-Cost Averaging is a Loser

• Rob Bennett
Why is Dollar-Cost Averaging a losing proposition? Rob Bennet knows: convoluted strategies will not turn a bad value proposition good. Dollar-Cost Averaging is a trick. Today, he explains why.

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Comment by Die Daily
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All cost-averaging is foolish. Imagine taking all the items on your menu, finding the average price of a meal, and charging that price for each item? It'll all average out, right? $5 lobster platter anyone? How about that $5 side of ketchup? Which will you order? Cost-averaging logic indicates that we can shoot a few bullets into large crowds and it's not a crime. In fact, nobody will really be dead. Why? Because, using cost-averaging, everyone in the crowd **including and especially all the corpses** will still be 99% alive after. Just think, if you can afford enough post-secondary indoctrination, this might actually seem sensible to you too.