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Feds taking the weekend off in oil fight?

• WWL First News
Jefferson Councilman Chris Roberts says the parish has a plan to build rock levees to help keep oil out of inland waterways like Barataria Bay.

Roberts told WWL First News that after they submitted the proposal to the Army Corps of Engineers last week, Corps officials said last Friday that discussion on the plan would have to be put on hold until the following Monday, because the Corps office would be closed for the weekend.

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 Wow another in your face screw you by the Federal Government. States down there should say screw you to the Feds and do what they need to do.  Congress goes on a 10 day vacation and leaves 2 million people without unemployment. We're just pawns in their game. They get paid and it's vacation time so sit and wait till we decide to get back to you. This country (government) is broke both financially and morally. They don't listen to us at the ballot box, so the time is near to vote from the roof tops.


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