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The Gospel of Judas

• arclein
In the East he was known as St. Issa and in the Americas he was referred to as the "Great White Robed Master" or the "Pale One" or the "Pale Great Master" and other names like "The Prophet". But Jesus was constantly surrounded by angels, ever-ready to strike in his defense. And he often refers to his angels that can eith

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The people of Israel are smart. "Buy low, sell high," was theirs. They are often the bankers of the world today.

They are very meticulous. As scribes, they copied the Holy Scriptures over and over, by hand, with perfect accuracy.

Most of the Gospel of Judas is a lie. It does not fit the accuracy of the rest of the Holy Scripture. The reason that it is not popular at all is that most of the people of the time when it was written realized it was a lie. It just didn't match the accuracy of the rest of Scripture. They knew how accurate they were when it came to copying Scripture.


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