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Here's Why Hyper Republicans Are Going To Crush The Democrats in 2010

If elections are even half won simply by voter turnout, then this chart shows why the Democrats are toast this year. Republicans have far more momentum than at any other time in two decades, according to survey data from Pew Research. 56% of Republican voters are 'more enthusiastic' about voting this year, while only 42% of Dems are. This is shown below. As usual, should the Democrats' voter turnout prove far weaker than the Republicans', then they'll have the young to blame: Pew: Younger voters favor the Democratic candidate in their district by a wide margin, yet only half say they are certain to vote. People 50 and older heavily favor the Republican candidate and about eight-in-ten say they are certain to vote.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Hyper republicans indeed. The great tactical victory of us all becoming Ron Paul republicans is looking more like a strategic blunder all the time. That the GOP is the prime political beneficiary of all this momentum is heinous.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Amazing just 1.5 years ago the voters couldn't wait to throw out the scumbag, constitution-crushing republicans.  Now they can't wait to throw out the scumbag, constitution-crushing democrats.  As long as the public's collective memory remains short, we'll have quite the churn in congress for the foreseeable future.  At least as long as we can keep this republic from collapsing.

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