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Modern Life Is a Fraud

• David Galland via
Watching my children grow older, now heading into the treacherous shoals of the teenage years, has been a visceral reminder of how the human mind develops. As young children, we see the world with fresh eyes and wonderment, and then quickly begin testing the physical and societal bounds as part of morphing into our more mature selves.

As we age into our teens and beyond, the testing of boundaries evolves into a series of calculations. If I do “A,” we wonder, will it lead to “B” or maybe “Z”?

From a young age, most of us are told to advance our education and otherwise better ourselves so that we will be able to find a good job, or a succession of good jobs, that will provide sustenance and security lasting most of a lifetime before retiring to dawdle about in our golden years.

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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I asked someone who knows what percentage of their income – which is to say the income of a reasonably successful person – now goes to taxes, and the answer was, “Over 60%.”

He might ask someone what the top 400 pay in taxes.  According to the IRS records it is an exorbitant  15%.  Horrors.   I suspect that this percentage represents a lot more than the top 400.  Probably the top 5 or 10%.  Maybe if they paid more like the average wage earner --- 20 to 25% the deficit would not be quite as large.    Ya THINK?