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Ariz. files appeal as sheriff launches new sweep

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Sheriff's spokesman Brian Lee said deputies were able to start the sweep Thursday afternoon and arrested four people: two had warrants for suspended licenses, one had a suspended license, and one was illegally carrying a firearm. He did not know if any were illegal immigrants.

Activists, armed with video cameras and aided by others listening to police scanners, roamed the county's neighborhoods, saying they were ready to document any deputies harassing Hispanics.

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Comment by Dennis Andersen
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Sheriff Arpaio is the one who's upholding the law of the land which IS the U.S. Constitution, NOT the Mexican Constitution! He's only enforcing the law which the federal Gestapo refuses to do. The racist Mexicans expect to do whatever they want where they want (ILLEGAL entry,steal,rob,murder,rape and get free money for doing it!). When anyone who is illegally in Mexico is caught their money and property is taken, they're jailed and then exported (with a few extra bumps and bruises to help their memory!) Hussein Nobama himself is an ILLEGAL alien (born in Kenya with social security number issued to someone born in Ohio, S.S. #'s are not randomly issued, they are informative!).ILLEGALS, GO HOME and do it right (LEGAL) IF you want to be here!

Comment by Monroe Maxhimer
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It could not have been stated more eloquently than if done so by a devout One World Order Marxist Socialist.

Comment by Monroe Maxhimer
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 Very good Carrie!!!

Comment by TL Winslow
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Sorry Carrie, but states rights quotes from before the U.S. Civil War are pretty lame considering who won and how the federal govt. created a de facto new country ever since. It might be nice to reminisce about returning to the good ole days, but these are the times we live in. Worse, in 1875 the U.S. Supreme Court case of Chy Lung v. Freeman over a Calif. anti-Chinese immigration law established federal control over immigration as part of the commerce clause of the Constitution: 

5. If the right of the states to pass statutes to protect themselves in regard to the criminal, the pauper, and the diseased foreigner landing within their borders exists at all, it is limited to such laws as are absolutely necessary for that purpose, and this mere police regulation cannot extend so far as to prevent or obstruct other classes of persons from the right to hold personal and commercial intercourse with the people of the United States.

6. The statute of California in this respect extends far beyond the necessity in which the right, if it exists, is founded, and invades the right of Congress to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and is therefore void.

Is the U.S. Supreme Court about to reverse their decision? Not likely. Hence the handwriting is on the wall with Arizona, sorry. The real question is when the U.S. as a whole is going to face the problem of Mexico and unite behind a general plan to quit treating it as a separate country and work to reorganize it as a new U.S. territory under the U.S. Constitution, which is what we want to preserve above all rather than degenerate to anarchy. Study my 7-step Megamerge Dissolution Solution that shows how it might be done at

Comment by Carrie Taranova
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The Sheriff IS upholding the Constitution - it's just those protesters have no idea what the Constitution really says ! Nor do they care, but we true Americans DO care !

 The Sheriff is the highest authority in his county and there is no other higher except God. The Sheriff is ABOVE the courts, and any Federal agent including the US president! You cannot get any higher authority in each county except for God. By their oath they are not to allow ANY Federalist inside their county borders.

Sheriffs do NOT tke orders form or answer to the DC Federalists !  They answer only to the people who elected them !  And there is not to be any "Federal" courts in the states - that is illegal Federal OCCUPATION ! So by the REAL American Founders Law, that court is null and void, and the act of the DC law suit against a state, is TREASON !
And DC's alliance with a Foreign nation against an American state is DOUBLE TREASON ! DC cannot interfere in any state laws or affairs !  They have just bullied their way into that position which is still more Treason! And total DC lies !
It's time Americans know the REAL LAW ! NOT what comes out of self-serving DC !

 The Declaration is also a states’ rights document (not surprisingly, since Jefferson was the intellectual inspiration for the American states’ rights political tradition). This, too, is foreign to most Americans. But read the final paragraph of the Declaration which states:   "That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown and that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved; and that, as free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and do all other things which independent states may of right do ."   Each colony was considered to be a free and independent state, or nation, in and of itself. There was no such thing as "the United States of America" in the minds of the founders. The independent colonies were simply united for a particular cause: seceding from the British empire. Each individual state was assumed to possess all the rights that any state possesses, even to wage war and conclude peace.
 Indeed, when King George III finally signed a peace treaty he signed it with all the individual American states, named one by one, and not something called "The United States of America." The "United States" as a consolidated, monopolistic government is a fiction invented by Lincoln and instituted as a matter of policy at gunpoint and at the expense of some 600,000 American lives during 1861–1865.
  STATES have the power - NOT DC !
DC cannot legally interfere with state law or state affairs.
Neither can the Federal US Supreme Court !
  James Madison, the acknowledged father of the Constitution, explained in Federalist Paper No. 45: "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal government [DC]  are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former [DC] will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce. ... The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives and liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the State."
“In a free nation Firearms are not licensed, regulated, registered or taxed.” - James Madison, Founder, Author of Constitution
"When injustice becomes law....Resistance becomes DUTY !" - - Thomas Jefferson
  The question of State authority over our Mexican friends residing in any of the federated (USA) States is answered by Thomas Jefferson in 1798. Given this, - - "the Federal agent in Washington has no authority over the aliens, and the military power of each State may Constitutionally-repel the invasion of her sovereign soil."
Each state is to always have its OWN military , State Guard, and militia !  And the militias were ALWAYS made up of the armed (and trained) common  PEOPLE !  DC cannot interfere or hinder this in any way !
 More Jefferson on Aliens and borders:
"Alien(s)....are under the jurisdiction and protection of the laws of the State wherein they are; no power over them has been delegated to the United States [DC], nor prohibited to the individual States, distinct from their power over citizens. And it being true as a general principle, and one of the Amendments to the Constitution having also declared that "the powers not delegated to the United States [DC] by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people, - - " the act of the Congress of the United States (in July 1798, Alien & Sedition Act)...which assumes powers over alien friends, not delegated by the Constitution, is not law, but is altogether void and of no force."     Thomas Jefferson, 1798 (Kentucky Resolutions, ix, 466, Ford ed, vii, 296)
  "To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy."
-- Thomas Jefferson
"Whensoever the General Government [DC] assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force." ~~~ Thomas Jefferson
"It is the people, to whom all authority belongs." -- Thomas Jefferson
Nothing could be clearer.
Too bad if DC chooses to ignore it !
The American PEOPLE do not choose to ignore it !
The states do not either !
And as we have read from the real law-givers who established, the People and the States ARE the main power !
DC is insignificant !