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The Raw Arrogance of A Doddering Political Lifer: Bill of Rights is Meaningless

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If Obamacare was constitutional, added the attendee, then there was no foreseeable limit on what the federal government could do to dictate to Americans how to run their private lives.

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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The moral right wing in this country essentially gave the feds the power to do anything they wanted when that 'moral' right started pushing the ideas that 1. There is no right to privacy (remember bork??), and 2. To protect us they pushed the "war on drugs" using the regulation of commerce clause.   

And remember, it was all to protect the children.  Which sort of reminds me of the excuse that the left uses when it wants to ban guns.

Comment by Justen Robertson
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The Constitution is not Holy Writ. Get over it. It's a contract which you allegedly are obligated under to *surrender* certain rights and *grant* certain privileges to an organization calling themselves your government. It does not protect you, it does not aid you, and it is not the source of your rights - it is the destroyer of them.

The Bill of Rights, if you actually read it, does not detail your rights - it details the ways in which the government may take away preexistent rights. It's a lot of except-fors and under-these-conditions restrictions on rights you already have, rights that all human beings have. You don't need it. You don't want it. It doesn't help you. Even if you *were* once obligated under this contract (hint, you weren't; unless your name is on it you are being defrauded), the other party has not held up their end of the bargain - they are in default and your obligations are rightly suspended. Just say no to politics. Forget what they tell you you can and can't do. Disobey.

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