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High Frequency Trading Algorithms: These Patterns Mean The Cheaters Never Lose

And so it continues: since we first posted Nanex' report on quote stuffing two months ago, and the follow-up analysis, the firm's images of visualizable HFT algorithmic "crop circles" have appeared everywhere, from the pages of Huffington Post to The Atlantic. Which is terrific, as it further raises public awareness of the fact that no matter what one does, the market is now merely a computerized playground in which human traders have no chance of even breaking even in the long run, as the adversary uses consistently illegal means (intentional bid stuffing) to extract every last penny from whoever is left trading. In order to keep the public's, and the SEC's ADD-addled attention on this matter of major significance, we present the latest patterns of illegal computerized quote stuffing as further glaring evidence that the regulators have given up trying to restore any sort of credibility in the market (and people wonder why ICI reports 13 consecutive weeks of mutual funds outflows). Our only hope is that someone will be clever enough to reverse engineer the pattern generators in these algos, and to punish the HFT operators who day after day leave their fingerprints all over the biggest crime in capital market history with complete impunity. As Nanex points out: "The common theme with the charts shown on this page is they are obviously all generated in code and are algorithmic. Some demonstrate bizarre price or size cycling, some demonstrate large burst of quotes in extremely short time frames and some will demonstrate both. In most cases these sequences are from a single exchange with no other exchange quoting in the same time frame." And as long as the SEC refuses to move its finger (yet continue demanding an expansion of its billion dollar budget for porn surfing purposes), Zero Hedge will continue bringing broad public awareness to the crime scene formerly known as the market, with hopes of extinguishing all faith in the concept of fair, free and efficient markets.

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You said, bruther!  Wall Street is a giant unregulated casino in which the gambler never wins and the house never loses.