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Denver officials divided over punishment for officer in videotaped beating

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The video of Officer Devin Sparks repeatedly hitting Michael DeHerrera of Denver with a piece of metal wrapped in leather, picking him up roughly and slamming a car door on his ankle has prompted Independent Monitor Richard Rosenthal to push for the firing of Sparks and Cpl. Randy Murr.

Isnt it special that the video camera operated by a member of the B.O.R.G. chose to zoom out and away after at :36 when the officer starts beating the living daylights out of the bystander?[Ed]

Rosenthal, who monitors police internal investigations, maintains that Sparks and Murr are unfit for the force because they didn't tell the truth about the April 4, 2009, incident. Rosenthal also believes the use of force by Sparks was excessive. The Denver City Council earlier this year agreed to pay $17,500 to settle a federal lawsuit brought by DeHerrera alleging excessive force

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I think this merits a serious letter of reprimand, don't you?  One that should stay on his permanent record for at least three months. I am sure he was provoked by a non-genuflecting attitude or just had a bad day. It could happen to any cop... and frequently does.  It is unfortunate this time he just happened to get caught on video.  Hopefully the guy with the camera gets life. 

-- Signed A Real Patriot.

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