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County Attorney Candidate Wouldn't Prosecute Prostitution

The Libertarian candidate for Maricopa County Attorney said he wouldn't focus on crimes related to prostitution or marijuana if he were elected to office.
Michael Kielsky spoke about his agenda during a live in-studio interview on CBS 5 News Saturday.
Kielsky said he would focus on crimes that have what he called "real victims."Kielsky said that means he would not bother prosecuting people who were caught smoking marijuana or picking up a prostitute.
When asked whether or not he has ever paid for a prostitute, Kielsky said no.
"Just because I say if people are not causing harm we should not prosecute them criminally, doesn't mean that I necessarily approve of the things that might not be criminal or I might not wish to prosecute," said Kielsky.
Kielsky faces Republican Bill Montgomery in November's general election.
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So much of what you said was left out... I can read why they couldn't actually show the footage.