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Terrifying 911 Call of Thugs Hired By JPMorgan Chase Breaking Down a Door

The banks and institutions that now run this country are running absolutely wild and out of control. They do not fear judges or law enforcement. They do not fear any law. They do not need permission to kick down your front door, steal what they want and throw everything else into the streets. As one of the owners of a company who specializes in “securing” or “winterizing” properties was recently quoted in the Palm Beach Post said, “Lawsuits don’t phase us anymore.” I WANT ALL OF AMERICA TO WATCH THE ATTACHED NEWS STORY AND LISTEN TO ALL TEN MINUTES OF THE ATTACHED 911 PHONE CALL. HEAR THE TERROR IN THIS WOMAN’S VOICE. THIS WOMAN WAS NOT IN FORECLOSURE. THIS WOMAN’S HOME WAS IN PERFECT, PRISTINE CONDITION. SHE WAS RELAXING COMFORTABLY ON HER COUCH WHEN A BURGLAR CAME KICKING DOWN HER DOOR. IT WAS A BURGLAR HIRED BY THE BANK BREAKING DOWN HER DOOR.

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Comment by Olde Reb
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notice that in the photo, the nail gun does not have an air compressor hose attached.  The gun is not armed. 

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Yet another great reason to own a gun.