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TSA: The Bill of Rights is Dead - All Hail The Rule of Men!

When I questioned her, she said it was necessary to remove my shoes for the AIT scanner(Naked Body Scanner). I explained that I did not wish to participate in the AIT program, so she told me I could keep my shoes and directed me through the metal detector that had been roped off. She then called somewhat urgently to the agents on the other side: "We got an opt-out!" and also reported the "opt-out" into her handheld radio. On the other side I was stopped by another agent and informed that because I had "opted out" of AIT screening, I would have to go through secondary screening. I asked for clarification to be sure he was talking about frisking me, which he confirmed, and I declined. At this point he and another agent explained the TSA’s latest decree, saying I would not be permitted to pass without showing them my naked body, and how my refusal to do so had now given them cause to put their hands on me as I evidently posed a threat to air transportation security (this, of course, is my nutshell synopsis of the exchange). I asked whether they did in fact suspect I was concealing something after I had passed through the metal detector, or whether they believed that I had made any threats or given other indications of malicious designs to warrant treating me, a law-abiding fellow citizen, so rudely. None of that was relevant, I was told. They were just doing their job. Eventually the airport police were summoned. Several officers showed up and we essentially repeated the conversation above. When it became clear that we had reached an impasse, one of the more sensible officers and I agreed that any further conversation would be pointless at this time. I then asked whether I was free to go. I was not. Another officer wanted to see my driver’s license. When I asked why, he said they needed information for their report on this "incident" – my name, address, phone number, etc. I recited my information for him, until he asked for my supervisor’s name and number at the airline. Why did he need that, I asked. For the report, he answered. I had already given him the primary phone number at my company’s headquarters. When I asked him what the Chief Pilot in Houston had to do with any of this, he either refused or was simply unable to provide a meaningful explanation. I chose not to divulge my supervisor’s name as I preferred to be the first to inform him of the situation myself. In any event, after a brief huddle with several other officers, my interrogator told me I was free to go. As I approached the airport exit, however, I was stopped again by a man whom I believe to be the airport police chief, though I can’t say for sure. He said I still needed to speak with an investigator who was on his way over. I asked what sort of investigator. A TSA investigator, he said. As I was by this time looking eagerly forward to leaving the airport, I had little patience for the additional vexation. I’d been denied access to my workplace and had no other business keeping me there.

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 If being subjected to security screening in the airport this latest technology X-Ray is used that harms or injures passengers including pilots and airport personnel boarding a departing airline, we need proof to that effect. That proof should be our bone of contention for refusing to be x-rayed, physically searched, much more bodily "groped or touched" in the airport.  But brandishing your civil rights and civil liberty with an air of arrogance for refusing to be x-rayed, bodily searched, "groped" or "touched" under our existing tight security program while the rest of the passengers are complying with this security requirement without proof of injury, I am afraid the airport officers with a duty to do or perform in the airport, are right in telling this adamant pilot that his protestation for the infringement of his civil right is totally IRRELEVANT !!! Your civil right to live in freedom is not worth a nickel if your refusal based on protecting your individual freedom under this dire situation endangers the lives of hundreds of airline passengers who also have their individual civil right to live in freedom like you have.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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With TSA news stories like this, it understandable increasing numbers of American prefer not to fly, perhaps financially damaging the hotel/tourist industry? Next Government might start x-raying and stripping naked train passengers. That will be tough on seniors who don’t have the option of driving.


Prudently one has wonder if TSA Threatens The Health Of Pilots and Passengers they Repeatedly X-Ray. Consider that Government has expanded its X-raying of Citizens at airports to purchasing hundreds’ of X-Ray Vans that will be traveling our streets, without warrants secretly x-raying Americans, peering though Citizens’ homes and vehicles, exposing Americans and their families to X-rays. X-ray vans are an affront to privacy that literally allows government/police to view Citizens in their bedrooms. Americans need to ask Obama if independent studies were conducted to determine if Citizens could develop Cancer if (repeatedly exposed) to X-rays by the police vans when in their vehicles on roadways and in their homes? Continued Low Radiation Exposure is Accumulative and believed to cause Cancer. Police intend to use the X-Ray Vans to search for drugs and weapons.

X-Ray Vans can ALSO be positioned to secure perimeters by the military or police to control civil unrest and instances of revolt, to screen and stop Citizens carrying weapons, any item. Why did the government order hundreds X-Ray Vans?


TSA’s scheme to uncover Terrorists before boarding flights, using the new technology “Spot–Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques” is believed by many to be a scam. Government paid millions of dollars for this alleged technology and to train hundreds of TSA personnel to implement it. The new Screening Techniques include TSA security at airports tracking and monitoring a "Set Of Involuntary Physiological Reactions" to detect when a person “harbors malicious intent” as opposed to when someone is late for a flight or annoyed by something else. It should be apparent to TSA/Homeland Security that few humans even trained psychiatrists, have the capability to differentiate-sets of involuntary physiological reactions in Americans and different ethic groups and cultures to determine when someone is harboring malice intent; for example certain Asian cultures do not always show emotion; other cultures might overly express emotion. Any American salesman boarding a flight may harbor malice to smash his business competition upon arriving at his business destination and could show “A Set Involuntary Physiological Reactions” that appear to harbor malicious intent.” More recently it was reported TSA is considering buying a new technology that supposedly can analyze body-odor from a distance at airports to determine whether a potential passenger is under a certain kind of stress that signals hostility. This idea isn’t worth discussing.


Could TSA’s new technology “Spot–Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques” help sophisticated terrorists escape detection at airport checkpoints? Could TSA’s training narrow the observation of TSA trained security personnel at airports to uncover terrorists, by conditioning TSA observers to over rely on specific techniques to Spot–Screen Passengers? It may be relevant to mention that Russian KGB Agents and (spies) were reportedly trained to monitor their own physiological reactions under stress and to pass lie detector tests when lying. U.S. Homeland Security recently was quoted in the LA Times as having said they stop people that show no emotion. For the most part that could be a wasted effort, considering millions of Americans are medicated, many for psychological issues and often don’t show normal or emotion at all. 



Russian KGB agents were apparently taught not only to "monitor" their body language, but copy and implement other people’s' body language including mannerisms while on a mission to prevent their own body language being read; KGB training included covertly filming their agents’ “body language” during a mission, then providing the film to the agent so he or she could repeatedly review the film and modify their body language to avoid detection. It is foreseeable sophisticated terrorists could copy and emulate other people’s non-threatening body language and portray different character types, just like actors to avoid detection by TSA airport and other government security. It is also a concern whether U.S. Government can keep their so-called passenger observation techniques secret when they provide that training information to so may trainees. It is foreseeable sophisticated terrorists could use that training information to implement verbal and non-verbal elements (body language) to work around TSA’s security personnel training observation techniques to avoid detection.


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