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Why is the E.U. Sending Armed Guards to Greece?

• Time magazine
As the world watches Greece wrestle with its crushing debt and crippled economy, the country is quietly struggling to manage another burgeoning crisis: the dramatic influx of illegal immigrants crossing from Greece into the European Union. Officials say Greece receives about 85% of Europe's total illegal immigrants, many of them coming through Turkey. Now it doesn't know what to do with them — or how to stem the flow. 

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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The reason for this is simple: stealth jihad.

Back in May Greece experienced riots on the part of Muslims there who reacted violently over the deaths of Muslims in the Gaza Flotilla incident and last year an enclave of Muslims rioted over the desecration of the Koran. Many of the immigrants cited in this article not only hail from Turkey but also north Africa of which the vast majority of them are Muslim and there maybe those who are jihadists among them.

Hopefully the EU troops can stem the tide and it will mean a setback for Muslims whose only intent is to conduct acts of violence in Europe.