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New evidence: West Coast mystery missile may be NKorean

• CNN - Terrence Aym reporting
Rogue nation NORTH KOREA boasts about new missile-fitted submarine...latest info from military eyewitnesses, Russian missile expert and CBS news crew is sub launched missile...evidence leans more toward NKorea than China.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Standing ovation, Ernie boy! Yeah ... anything at all that could fill in the blank. How about the missile that zeroed in at Arizona launched from White House's secret latrine improvised by Obama's legalese advisors to look like Cape Carnival's underground launching pad?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Why just limit ourselves to N. Korea and Iran?... you could just fill in the blank with whomever/whatever is... "required"

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Will the U.S. /Obama soon  bow to Iran and N. Korea because at they can at will send a nuke missile into our back yard.

Why should we wait to be attacked by Korea or Iran with Nuclear missiles. Wouldn't it be better to wipe them both off the map now? If no one now knows who shot this missile 35 miles off the our west coast, obviously had the missile carried a nuclear warhead Los Angeles, the Obama government  wouldn't have a clue who to strike back against. Apparently the U.S. military is no longer able to detect foreign subs in  nearby waters.

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