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Protesters On The Curb - Nat'l Opt-Out Day at Phoenix Sky Harbor (video)

• Psychictaxi's YouTube Channel
After handing out TSA 'Opt-out' bags at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with Donna Hancock at 6:00 a.m. this morning
( ), I cruised through Terminal Four Departures South Curb this afternoon to restock Fellow Activists that I knew had been handing them out for at least three or four hours - and should be out.

Of course I had my videocam rolling...

Notice if you will, the security officers that were posted in the inside curb in front of the protesters, and the ambulance that was parked in the third lane from the curb - effectively blocking all lanes that are normally used to discharge passengers. THEN notice if you can that I parked right behind the ambulance in front of two police officers that would never in a gazillion years allow anyone to even think of parking! I did this on purpose to verify my earlier suspicions that all the security officers and the police officers and just about every employee I came in contact were told in advance that we would be there, and that we were not to be hassled in any way. They didn't say word one about where I parked, what I did, or how long I took - they just stood by and watched.

It was the smartest thing they could have done in that situation, and I commend them for it. And some say protesting and sign-waving is a waste of time. I disagree - it looks like it has gotten them to back off in cases like this, and they know more and more people aren't putting up with outright tyranny in any form; and if we were to ask them at home or somewhere off duty and off the record, more of those Officers would probably tell you they are glad somebody's doing something.


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Great video, and the freedom fighters are very cool! Way to go everyone!