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Foreclosure-Gate: Courts Frown on People Masquerading as Attorneys

And there we got real trouble, because in addition to civil penalties and recompense (which could easily result in the voiding of these cases!) there is also a treble-damage provision: (a) Any person who purchases or leases goods or services primarily for personal, family or household purposes and thereby suffers any ascertainable loss of money or property, real or personal, as a result of the use or employment by any person of a method, act or practice declared unlawful by section 3 of this act [§ 201-3], may bring a private action, to recover actual damages or one hundred dollars ($100), whichever is greater. The court may, in its discretion, award up to three times the actual damages sustained, but not less than one hundred dollars($100), and may provide such additional relief as it deems necessary or proper. The court may award to the plaintiff, in addition to other relief provided in this section, costs and reasonable attorney fees. If I'm reading this correctly, if a PA home was lost to Fraudclosure due to the filing of a non-attorney and resold, and the fraudclosure is voided, the subsequent purchaser of that home who loses it as a consequence of the void action can sue for three times the amount of the purchase.