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Naomi Wolf: The Espionage Act

This is far from a feverish projection: if you study the history of closing societies, as I have, you see that every closing society creates a kind of 'third rail' of material, with legislation that proliferates around it. The goal of the legislation is to call those who criticize the government 'spies', 'traitors', enemies of the state' and so on. Always the issue of national security is invoked as the reason for this proliferating legislation. The outcome? A hydra that breeds fear. Under similar laws in Germany in the early thirties, it became a form of 'espionage' and 'treason' to criticize the Nazi party, to listen to British radio programs, to joke about the fuhrer, or to read cartoons that mocked the government. Communist Russia in the 30's, East Germany in the 50's, and China today all use parallel legislation to call criticism of the government -- or whistleblowing -- 'espionage' and 'treason', and 'legally' imprison or even execute journalists, editors, and human rights activists accordingly. I call on all American citizens to rise up and insist on repeal of the Espionage Act immediately. We have little time to waste. The Assange assault is theater of a particularly deadly kind, and America will not recover from the use of the Espionage Act as a cudgel to threaten journalists, editors and news outlets with. I call on major funders of Feinstein's and Lieberman;s campaigns to put their donations in escrow accounts and notify the staffers of those Senators that the funds willonly be released if they drop their traitorous invocation of the Espionage Act. I call on all Americans to understand once for all: this is not about Julian Assange. This, my fellow citizens, is about you.

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Comment by Jeffery Scism
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Wikileaks and its entire ORGANIZATION are terrorists and  not journalists.


Journalists do not endeavour to become the  news, they journal happenings. They also do not threaten and then carry out attacks on countries. They also become direct terrorists when they organize and instigate attacks on a country's infrastructure in retaliation  for  acts by another country, ie: the arrest of the leader  on sex charges.


This organization has the  objective of undermining and  damaging the USA. The on-going cyber attacks are evidence that this is an organized act of terrorism, and that the intent is far from simply freedom of the press to report.


It is despicable that they  made up their collective minds to  decide what should and should not be classified, and even worse that they  willingly did so knowing it would damage the  persons who had a reasonable expectation of privacy violated.


The attack on America's and the World's financial  infra-structure and upon critics of Wiki leaks is pure terrorism.