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Mitt Rommel vs. Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana

• David Kramer
Listen to the difference between Nazi Mitt Romney’s view on medical marijuana as opposed to humanitarian Ron Paul’s view.
Then is a video to the great libertarian comedian Doug Stanhope on the sellout of “medical” marijuana: [NB: Some bad language]

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The problem in supporting Ron Paul’s wisdom and sometimes admittedly his theatrics is that bunked out supporters like this one believed that the coin has only one side – Paul’s side. With those one-eyed jacks behind him, Paul no longer needs any other nemesis to defeat himself. The acceptable use of medical marijuana is only one side of the coin, and abuse in the use of the holy weed in the name of medicine, is the other side. But right or wrong I like Paul’s entertaining soliloquy caught in videotape but with fanatics like this reporter and the “cutesy juvenile who writes these headlines”, to me this pastime is just a waste of time.


Comment by 50-110
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To the cutesy juvenile who writes these headlines:

Erwin Rommel was NOT a Nazi. He was murdered by the Nazis for trying to overthrow them. You insult him more by accident than you do Romney on purpose. Grow up.