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Parcel addressed to Napolitano ignites in DC

• AP
A package an official said was addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ignited Friday at a Washington postal facility, a day after fiery packages sent to Maryland's governor and transportation secretary burned the fingers of workers who opened them. Authorities were bracing for more packages to surface.

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Comment by tittiger
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Call the tip line and report a rogue and terroristic federal government.    terroristic government that enabled 911, murdered women and children in Waco. Killed mother in cold blood at Ruby Ridge. Do exactly what this troll tells you to do!

Report the terroristic  criminal government in DC! Do your duty comrads!

Comment by tittiger
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Couldn't  have happened to a ... ah.... troll.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Now why does the phrase, "re-igniting the flames of freedom" come to mind?