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Rand Paul - National Right To Work Act

Rand Paul is backing the National Right To Work Act that will work to propagate the ability for people to choose whether or not to support unions. This is an act that is important to have a national discussion on due to the changing nature of the world and the labor market, how costs are driving jobs overseas and closing our factories. Please do come and comment!

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Comment by PureTrust
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Give the people what they are asking for. Those of the police who are decent, good, helpful, courteous, and loving of their fellow citizenry, should quit, and get a job at a fast food place or something. This way the police jobs will be filled by the low-life, insecure, power-mongering, criminal types. Then the people will really see how good they have it now.

Comment by PureTrust
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The term "National Right To Work Act" is tied to the idea of unions. The whole idea of focusing on unions, with the right to work idea, tends to take one's eyes off the true right to work problem.

The law does not require anyone to have a Social Security number, or to be part of the Social Security scam. But try to get a job without a SSN.

So you see, the real right to work issue with regard to unions has way more to do with a semi-official union between the Government and Big Business... a union that has no real basis in law, yet is enforced as though it has one.

The point? The United States is NOT a right-to-work nation.