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Egyptians Line Up for Cash as Banks Open, Currency Plummets to 2005 Low

• Bloomberg
Hundreds of Egyptians queued outside banks to withdraw funds as lenders opened for the first time in more than a week amid protests demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. The pound dropped to the lowest level since 2005. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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I have never been into Egyptian banking, even just to look at it.

Egypt has been around much longer than the United States, Great Britain, or the International Monetary Fund. People have been laughing, crying, living, dying in Egypt for thousands of years.

Now I read this article, and find out that the world money system has been messing with these people just as it is doing in America.

Those people are shrewd... the people of the world money system. They are continually using our needs and our greed and our ignorance against us all.

It's about time that the States in America review the National Constitution to see 2 of the things Federal Government is prohibited from doing:
1. national banking system;
2. bad faith... that is, sneaking a national banking system in through a back door by making a private bank (the Federal Reserve Bank), that has nothing to do with Government, the national banking system.

States, it's time for you to use the Bill of Rights to develop your own in-state money system that does not depend on the Fed. Back your money with gold and silver, and you will exalt yourselves while bringing down the dictatorial U.S. Government back to the position it was meant to be in from its inception.