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Coming solar storms could slam USA into 'Greatest Depression'

• Terrence Aym
The activity of the sun not only drives the weather, but to a great extent also drives the world's economy: Farming, fishing, horticulture, solar industries, even the chemical industry and animal husbandry depend on a quiet, predictable sun. But when the sun acts up, all hell can break loose. It has happened before and it can happen again. And now NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are both warning that the sun may be entering a violent cycle—a period of intense activity that has not been seen by humans for almost 150 years.

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Comment by Don Duncan
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Someday the history books will mark 2007 as the beginning of "the greatest depression". As we begin the 4th year unemployment is 22.5% and this year should exceed the great depression's 25%.  Of course lamestream media and gov will continue to lie and cover up the bad news. Thank god for the net.