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Is Obama An Illegal Alien Using A Dead Mans Social Security Number?

Obama is a illegal alien using deceased Thomas Woods social security number. SSN 042-68-4425 was stolen by Obama. Colorado Springs man's claim to have Obama records starts buzz Excerpt: “According to the Social Security Administration, that number was never issued,” said Hollister, who challenged whether the president is an American citizen in a lawsuit the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Jan. 18 without requiring a response from the White House. However, that’s the Social Security number that appears on the Selective Service documents Hollister obtained. Go here for the rest of this article BLN Obama can't show what he doesn't have. Everything he has signed is null and void, as he is not constitutionally the president. Another look at Obama's Social Security number Excerpt: This being the case, I asked Daniels to guide me through the data mine field and help me ascertain what we know for sure about the world's best-known Social Security number – 042-68-4425. "All I can say," says Daniels of 042-68-4425, "is that it's phony and [Obama] has been using it, with it first appearing on his Selective Service document in 1980." Daniels sent me a copy of the hand-written application of the individual who held the number immediately before Obama's, 042-68-4424. The applicant, Thomas Wood, died at age 19, which is why his information is available. Wood's Social Security number was issued sometime between March and May of 1977. Obama would turn 16 in August of that year. Wood lived on Glenview Drive in Newington, Conn., the state from which all "042s" applied. Obama lived in Hawaii.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I guess the FBI isn`t as smart as they think they are.I mean! how difficult would it be to find out?

America can`t trust the FBI,the CIA,the DOD,the DOJ,the FCC,the DOE,Cop`s,the EPA,the FDA,the FAA,or,their own Military....NOBODY!! 

Our so called leaders are the most distrustful of all...and Americans still sleep.