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Where Did the Anti-War Movement Go?


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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Judging from the last ten years of Americans down fall I don`t think you will find enough Anti War people to fill a VW Bus.

I doubt if one can find enough So Called Americans to do anything good for America..their too stupid,and they are all about themselves..each one.

America is in the shape it is in now simply because the So Called Home Of the Brave left town unless,of course you consider our soldiers to be hero`s.Most of,if not all of them are so Brain Dead they don`t have any idea of who the real enemy is,and therefore are not interested in fighting for their own country.They would ranter fight some war for the Rich People..the Rich People that are Killing Them,and a Illegal Alien in the White House is pushing the buttons,and has lots of help via the very people the stupid Americans elected.

I challenge any one of YOU to set up on a busy street in America and ask the passersby to answer some questions on subjects such as the War(s).The economy,health care,Job Creation,Holder,Cass Sunstein,the FED,the second amendment,the first amendment.Just ask them any questions about any of the current will make my point as to the selfishness,and stupidity of the self serving American people.....I dare you!! You don`t have the guts!!