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Christians must reject Ayn Rand, faith-based group tells Raw Story


During this time of financial crisis and talk of severe austerity measures in nearly every statehouse across the nation, the philosophy of author Ayn Rand has become a rallying cry for many leading Republicans who see her as something of a patron saint to American capitalism.

But before evangelicals fully commit to the tea party's favorite budget measures -- like eliminating Medicare and food aid for the poor -- one vocal Christian group thinks they should know something about the movement's famous figurehead.

Rand, perhaps best known for coining the philosophy of "Objectivism," was the author of numerous best-selling novels, including "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead." Part and parcel with her philosophy is a complete separation of government and the economy -- an idea antithetical to progressives who see government partly as a policeman meant to protect individuals and communities from the worst abuses of power.

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 PureTrust ... here you outshined everyone, including me at the moment before I open up my mind to either agree or disagree. I just want you to know that with this solid proof presented that there is God, I cannot agree to disagree with you.  If you are not one of them -- those foolish Agnostics, Nonbelievers and Atheists and small-time preachers of violence the likes of Larken Rose and his tribe -- then you are with me. Standing ovation for you, buddy!

Comment by PureTrust
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It's obvious that Ayn Rand was a communist plant... a "sleeper" designed to destroy free enterprise in America. Sure, she formally espoused free enterprise, but by denying God and faith, she showed that she was against free enterprise.


Because nobody knows the future... even 1 second into the future. Sure, we all say that we do because it seems like many of the things that we think will happen actually do happen. But then, many other things don't happen the way we planned. And because we don't know which ones will happen and which ones won't, we really don't know any of the future.

If we don't know the future, what do we live by? It is FAITH. We have faith, and even hope, that things will work out okay. Even the strongest atheists live by faith... even though they don't want to admit it.

Now for those of you who don't know what you have faith in, let me tell you that it is God, the Great Creator, Who alone knows what will happen in the future, because He designed it that way.

So then, all free enterprise is in God.

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