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McKinney: NATO causing massive casualties in Libya

Former US representative and former Presidential candidate Cynthia Ann McKinney went to Libya on a non-Governmental fact-finding tour to find out what exactly is going on there. She believes that NATO bombardment and other military measures are taking a massive toll on civilians, causing many casualties. Cynthia Ann McKinney spoke exclusively to RT.

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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McKinney's reeling against NATO military action is an indirect endorsement of the Quaddafi regime.

Comment by Ed Price
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Could Congress stop it if they wanted to?

With SWAT and TSA here in the States relieving us of our freedoms, why would they balk at bombing anyone they chose anywhere else in the world?

When is Congress going to limit Homeland Security and SWAT with regard to citizens of the USA? If they won't do that, and if the Judiciary even upholds major decisions AGAINST the Constitution for the sake of some perceived value in FREEDOM, why would they balk at the NATO bombing of Libyan civilians?

What will it be like in 20 years, when the current babies are all grown up? Will there be any freedom left at all?

Take a look, folks. Somebody in Government doesn't like the fact that you have freedom. And they don't like freedom in the rest of the world either!

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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McKinney is an anti-Semite. After she lost her 2006 race for Congress she blamed Jews for her electoral defeat and has associated with Holocaust deniers: