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Google+ Is the New GeoCities

• Lore Sjöberg via

Google has thrown its hat into the social networking ring with Google+. Or rather, it’s throwing the latest of several hats into the ring, the previous hats having been stomped into wads of filthy felt scraps. However, Google assures us that Google+ is nothing like Buzz, Orkut and Wave: To begin with, it doesn’t sound like a rejected Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain. Secondly, I dunno, it has circles or something.

The most common response to Google+ that I’ve heard is, “Good, I hate Facebook.” This is from people already using Facebook.. These people are praying for the death of a free service they voluntarily signed up for. And I know just how they feel, because I hate Facebook so much I only log into it about eight times a day.

So why are we all on Facebook, hating Facebook together? Is it our love of the mafia and their wars? Do we enjoy being notified every time someone we barely know is throwing a party on the other side of the continent? Is it that important we let everyone know we “Like” ice cream?


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Comment by TL Winslow
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It's great news that Google is taking Facebook on, but I wouldn't count Facebook out yet. It's bottomlessly evil spirit will resort to any trick, including spreading false news articles against Google, placing moles into its organization to screw it up, and buy people they can use to torpedo them. It's the souls of the people of the world that's at stake.

Flee the ZuckerBeast!