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The motives of Bradley Manning

• Glenn Greenwald
In New York Magazine, Steven Fishman has a lengthy profile of Bradley Manning that purports to shed new light on the accused WikiLeaks leaker.  The only aspect of Fishman's article that's meaningfully new is a series of chat logs and other online communications Manning purportedly conducted with Zachary Antolak, a 19-year-old gay web designer whom Manning befriended.  Though the article focuses on a variety of Manning's emotional struggles in a way that -- as is typical for whistleblowers or anyone who engages in acts of meaningful dissent -- is supposed to make you believe his alleged actions were the by-product of psychological afflictions, it actually achieves the opposite. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Update on Bradley Manning
by Jim Davidson

While I am glad Manning is no longer being physically and mentally tortured by the Obamanation, I think I would rather ask why those who  decided to tor ture an American serviceman in US military facilities are not being exposed and pursued?  Is there a difference between the Cheney government and Black Bush?