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Entire police force laid off in small Texas town

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Crime is on the rise in one small Texas city because the police department has been padlocked and the officers sent home.

The city of Alto laid off its entire police force about two weeks ago because the city council completely cut the department's budget.

"They put a bulls-eye target on law enforcement -- police department -- and police department only," police chief Charles Barron told CBS News.

"We had to do something drastic," Councilman Jerry Flowers explained to Forbes. "The police department being a non-money-making entity, was the easiest to get rid of while we catch our breath and build up some cash."

The city is facing a $185,000 budget deficit due to declining property and sale tax revenues. To make matters worse, the town hasn't saved up to make the necessary repairs to a natural gas distribution plant.


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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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First of all we know this is a scare/terrorist  tactic to get the sheeple to hand over more stolen loot to the government.

Let's hope it backfires and this trend spreads to the rest of the country. I would certainly feel safer in my town if the police would disband.

Comment by Redthumb Liberty
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Just exactly what part of government makes money? To make money in the true sense involves creating something of value, something an intrinsically parasitical entity is completely incapable of.

It's been my experience that the police department, better known as revenue enhancement officers, are indeed typically the "money makers" of first resort. It must be pretty lean in Alto for the men in blue to be sent home singin the blues. I'm sure this will not be the last time we here of this phenomenon.

Comment by Ed Price
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This is not right on the part of City Council. Why not? Because the citizenry have been trained to be sheep. They need to be trained as eagles, first, so that the vultures can't prey on them.

City Council should have purchased a few firearms books from Bloomfield Press at Then they should have had town meetings where the people received training from the books. Last, they should have taken all the police department firearms and passed them out to key town landowners and business operators for defense. They should, also, have offered firearms and ammo at discounts to all citizens who wanted them. Only then should they have disbanded the police department.

As it is, the City Council has harmed the people. Someone should start an investigation to see if it isn't council members directly behind the increase in crime, and if that isn't the real motive behind their decision to disband the PD.