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BREAKING: Arrested for Exposing Corruption

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In this breaking report Jennifer Jones addressed the city council of Quartzsite, Arizona. She was formally recognized and began to expose the misdeeds of the city councilman, what unfolded in the video was nothing short of a mutiny. The police officers disregarded the rule of law and took her into custody. We spoke with former Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Barry Hess about this shocking video.

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Exposing corruption is a citizen's public duty. We must admire and support the exposure. But you must know where and when to expose it.  In this case, all right the citizen who has the floor to speak in a City Council meeting, has discovered a manure wrapped in a newspaper that concealed it from public view. You cannot just unwrap this foul-smealling excretion in the middle of the meeting just as this citizen could not unwrap it and throw this dirt in the middle of the public park where everybody can see and smell it. If you do it as this lady citizen did, you get arrested -- at least for littering. There is always a proper place and a proper time to do it. Getting the limelight by doing it in front of the camera is one of those ways of getting attention where you pay a high price like this littering Rambo citizen did. And that distribute this video is asking for your DONATION ...[sic].