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Florida Teen Dies In Jail After Being Arrested For Marijuana

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Perez's withdrawal of her request likely means the public won't know any time soon exactly what exactly happened the morning of July 10 at the lockup. In the spring, state lawmakers revised Florida's public records law, forbidding the release of pictures or recordings that show a person dying.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    It doesn't make any difference what "drug laws" are in effect: The minute this young man was arrested (cuffed) and transported, his TOTAL WELL-BEING was the sole responsibility of the arresting agency and its minions. they made it impossible for him to do anything of an effective nature to protect himself in any manner; that made him their "ward" and them responsible for him. In the real world, it's a given that the physical condition of a person who is in the custody of some purported authority is the responsibility of that authority. However, in our growing POLICE STATE, the only concern of law enforcement is, increasingly, "law enforcement taking care of itself and covering its collective ass"!

   I've witnessed the arrogant BS of Florida's varied gestapo units; this comes as no surprise...I wouldn't be surprised anywhere else, either.

   I know it doesn't set well with the American mythology of free people and security under the law and the Constitution, but I'm trying to tell you that we all need to be mindful of the very real threat we face, daily, no matter where we are - home, office, street, school, or anywhere else. The threat is not as much from criminals, since those of us who chose to can generally deal with them; it is from the systematic abuse of every one of our "legal and moral" rights and privileges, from all of so-called "law enforcement". All our lives and our possessions are at current, instant, and total risk.

    I base my opinions on years of training, studying, researching, teaching, and personal experiences and observations. You can base your view(s) on the documented facts, by simply reading a few books, watching the  "right" news, or researching on the internet.


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 The BULLSHIT just keeps on flying.

In an interview with The Herald on Tuesday, Secretary Wansley Walters claimed poor decision-making was responsible for Perez's death, rather than policies, procedures, training or money.
POOR DECISION MAKING?  What the F would it be if you or I had someone in our care that was obovisouly in serious medical trouble and we just ignored it until the person died?   This is absolute madness. These bastard criminals called law enforcement officers and the whole friggin jail staff that were on boiard at the time should  be the ones  put in jail for life for this kind of shit. Poor decision making! My GOD. We are living in the Twilight Zone.