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6 cops ordered to give DNA samples in Drenth case

• Arizona Republic

The mysterious death of Phoenix police Sgt. Sean Drenth last year became even more puzzling when five police officers and a city employee persistently refused to give up samples of their DNA to test in the case, even though more than 330 others had voluntarily done so.

Investigators recently got a court order to obtain the samples, and last week collected them when the officers and employee came to work. But the six are not happy about it.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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On one hand I am outraged by the fishing expedition nature of this order.  And that a judge would sign off on it. 

On the other, I am sure no such deference would be made to everyone else who has been compelled to give up their DNA to blocking its entry into the national database.

I am also disturbed that less than 2% of those demanded to give up their DNA resisted.

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