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Relief delayed for prisoners deemed wrongfully convicted

• LA Times
U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson failed for years to rule on a number of eligible habeas corpus petitions. In one case, the prisoner died in the sixth year of the judge's inaction. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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It's one thing to deny on a habeas corpus. It's another thing to ignore it. It's something else to ignore it beyond the time permitted by the "Rules" - procedure.

Habeas corpus is about procedure. If the procedure for habeas corpus is ignored, where can a person go for remedy in the case of other wrongful procedure?

It's starting to look like treason on the part of the judge.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This judge freely cashed the taxpayer provided booty of his paycheck.  Yet wrongly imprisoned people rot behind bars for decades worth of man hours, while the good judge sits on his ass.  I care not a wit for his reason.  I only care that he spend the rest of his life behind bars deprived of any meaningful contribution of his life to anyone or anything.

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