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Eminent Domain Fight Has a Canadian Twist

A Canadian company has been threatening to confiscate private land from South Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico, and is already suing many who have refused to allow the Keystone XL pipeline on their property even though the controversial project has yet to receive federal approval.

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Comment by James17
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Sounds like this corporation wants an American/Canadian war. How many people through this corporation is attempting this? A half dozen, a dozen. No where as many as are fighting this. Again it comes down to someone having to go onto these properties to put in that pipeline, all for themselves to receive a paycheck. Since the US government works for the world's corporations and not for the American people, I expect that these people will most likely lose. Therefore, a people's war is going to be coming of this. That will bring about the UN and president O's desire to ban guns other then in the hands of police and military come to the head of the news. This is more then just that pipeline. Those PTB need a reason for the other half of what will come out of this fight. A total gun ban.