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TSA Agents Harass Man Over Silver Coins

A traveler flying into Las Vegas was questioned by the TSA about his small collection of silver coins, another example of how the federal agency is acting more like a secret police unit than an airport security outfit, routinely interrogating Americans about their financial affairs.
Alex Jones talked to Jeff, a software engineer, after he passed through security, who told him that TSA agents had questioned him about why he was carrying silver coins and demanded to know their value. The screeners also asked if Jeff was collecting them for a hobby or an investment. Jeff explained that he was simply planning to cash in the coins and use that money on his vacation instead of dipping into his bank account.
The total value of the coins was no more than $600 dollars. The delay led to TSA agents telling Jeff they couldn’t guarantee that his bags would even make it onto the plane.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Welcome to the gulag, comrades.

     If you think this is anything new, or just some "mistake", you are less than a zero. this is our present-future. We are in the beginning of the end of our rights and freedoms. If you can't see it, you are already at "your" end. Hell, we aren't even "paid slaves", anymore. We are simply the useless eaters who are considered to be the property of the plutocracy and we have no real rights...It's all sh--! We've been sold to the dumbest and highest bidders. If you know of anyone who ever fought and and died for the American Way, you know of someone who really ought to be pissed-off. I hope there is a hell:  There are a whole bunch of people I'd like to discuss a couple of things with, at a later date.