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Porcwest "The Scorpupine Freedom Festival"

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This group has been created to gather ideas about creating a porcfest like event, in northern arizona. We have been throwing around ideas, and one name "Scorpupine" came up. We would like to create a free market where people can come and sell their business, whatever that may be. I would also like to know how many people would be interested in coming to this event. Calling all artists, activists, people who are self sustainable and any other freedom loving person. We would like to spread the message of NAP the "Non agression Principle" We are looking for people who are also interested in joining a "no state type project" in moving to northern arizona where the property taxes are much lower then most of the U.S. and our chances of creating a free society based off of that alone are much better. I would also like to invite any cob home specialists, and depending on where we host this, maybe we could teach many people at once, how to build their home out of the earth. Anyone with a Land p

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If you want the general public to ALSO view your material, I heavily suggest that you post it somewhere the general public can access.