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Man killed by off-duty cop in Lakewood was unarmed and not committing any crime.

• LA Times
A man who was shot and killed by an off-duty Santa Ana police officer Monday was unarmed, a Sheriff's Department official said Thursday. A family friend says Bitz was helping to change a tire, not trying to steal a vehicle. Bitz had been given $12 to help change the tire on a van and was doing so at about 6 a.m. when the off-duty officer came out of his home,

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Comment by David Jackson
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      What you need to as yourself is why am I not reading about this incompetent gestapo thug being booked into the county jail on reckless homicide charges (murder would be more pertinent)?

       I don't care if the "kid" was the mastermind of the largest auto-theft ring in California, stealing property is not a "legitimate" capital crime; and, the penalty for theft isn't - at least in the civilized world that the rest of us operate in - valid "opportunity" to kill someone. Of course, if you're a government thug, you can do anything you damn-well please and the smucks who forgot to train you and aren't themselves capable or professional enough to supervise you will let you get away with it, because to do otherwise would be an admission of their own worthless lives and their culpability in one of the bigist scams ever run on the American public - LAW ENFORCEMENT PROTECTION AND SERVICE!

      Here's the thing: If they can do it to this guy, the WILL DO IT TO YOU!

      Get you head out of your a--. We are in a police state that continues to worsen. There is no end in sight. If law enforcement actually worked, we'd have LAW ENFORCEMENT, instead of state-sanctioned murders and helter skelter abuse of anyone who gets in the way or is unlucky enough to be somewhere near a political gestapo thug who has access to some type of a weapon. [If you or I had shot another human being for steal "property", we'd be dancing with Bubba in the local lockup.]

      As for "auto theft" of any type, who gives a damn? Screw the insurance industry and their horse. It high time the rest of our society received some of the "protection" that the freak-show special interests get! It's time that we all quit pandering to the ass---- in that particular industry. Granted, autos and insurance gives cops something else to abuse us with, and makes the "state" a lot of money by way of lobby kickbacks and court fees and traffic citations for lack of coverage....Again, who the hell cares? Apart from the vested interest, that is.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the worthless cop gets some sort of "certificate" for his attention to duty and "putting it on the line, in the line...KMA! 

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Make sure his children their father is a Killer,and that everyone knows who this piece of crap is.Also be sure to tell those he sets next to in church.See if his Mother will give a statement.

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