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Italy Or USA - Where Would You Put Your Money?

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While at a glance this may seem like a straightforward question with a simple and obvious answer, troubled Italian bank UniCredit has released a ponderous article comparing and contrasting the two heavily indebted, politically challenged, and growth-retarded nations. Comparing debt-to-GDP ratios and trajectories, GDP growth, and unemployment (as well as funding needs), the answer actually becomes a little less obvious and boils down to the central bank (as does every trading decision in the world currently).

From UniCredit: Italy or the United States: Where would you put your money?
 Obviously Italian interest rates are being driven by the systemic concerns in the Eurozone. What UCG considers - is the spread differential justified by fundamentals? As the super-committee grapples with the reality of the budget and Berlusconi's new boy faces austerity, IMF estimate for gross debt-to-GDP actually converge by 2016:

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Comment by David Jackson
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      In the USA. However, I'd probsbly put it into something associated with Hong Kong or Singapore, first. If I was one of the scumbags who is on the inside of the current "global collapse", I'd do what they rest are doing and wait - at least, until I could buy up most of the functional financial instruments and assests of both countries. Then, I could make some really big money, and fulfill my dreams of domination and control. If I was just a typical opportunist, I'd probably invest in weapons, food production, the sex trade, drugs - medicinal and recreational - and alcohol. In the "turd" world, I'd go for weapons and tobacco products, followed by the food and drug delivery systems.