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Prosecutor: Advocating jury nullification ‘not protected by the First Amendment’

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Advocating for a controversial legal tactic known as jury nullification can get U.S. citizens prosecuted for jury tampering, according to one Manhattan prosecutor who’s pursuing that very charge against a 79-year-old former chemistry professor.

Indicted last year, all Julian P. Heicklen says he was doing is handing out pamphlets from the Fully Informed Jury Association near a courthouse. He wasn’t targeting any specific jury or juror, 

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Comment by Anonymous
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Kim Dyer here.  Jury Nullification is usually a benefit to the accused-I was taught this at an ASU modern social problems class by Professor Pete Padilla, who was fired for being "controversial"- he was teaching us to open our eyes the the RICO/ideology and targeting.  He actually told me that he left this state 3 years ago because he got wind that AZ was fixing juries, he warned me a year before might happen what sparked my RICO suit.  He was RIGHT ON.  I was taught that this is the only way to protect ourselves from corruption and a prison industrial complex that profits from fabricating charges, particularly under McNaughton Rule (to remove a problem  person from society).  Never imagined that a prosecutor would be so bold- but then again, I've seen a lot to where, maybe it doesn't shock me so much.  That should warrant grounds for appeal.   Americans suffer from boiled frog syndrome.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Jury nullification is something that has come down to us from the Magna Carta -- 796 years ago.

Even Noah Webster defined the jury as "Triers of law as well as fact."

Ever since Magna Cartsa, it has been both the right and duty of the jury to judge not only the facts of the case, and the moral intent of the accused, but it has been their primary and paramount duty to judge the justice of the law itself -- and to hold the accused not guilty if they think the law itself is unjust.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This Rebecca Mermelstein is just another corporate bar member who needs to get a reality check. Do these drones ever quit? 

This isn't jury nullification. It's called jury education that the criminals running the justus system do not want you to know. These drones are masters of double speak Orwellian language.

The power of the judge or prosecutor over the jury is in direct proportion to the jury’s ignorance.

Red Beckman

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Prosecution Explains Jury Tampering Charge

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