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National Destruction Authorization Act

Dear "Representative," NO HUMAN BEING (let alone an American Citizen) should be stripped of his or her rights based on an ACCUSATION alone. Due process and EVIDENCE are required by our American system of justice. If you vote for this un-American legislation, you will do more substantive damage to this country than any terrorist bomb ever could. It is our rights, our ideals and our legal system (NOT our buildings, our geographic location, or even our lives) that made the United States a great country. The House and Senate have embarked on a path that will destroy everything this country was intended to be. Continue and you will forfeit ALL legitimacy in the eyes of the increasingly-informed and fed up electorate. YOU DO NOT 'protect America' by turning it toward a Soviet-style 'security' state. If this is the best you can do, then please recuse yourself now. Find the integrity to admit that you are NOT capable or qualified to honor your oath of office.

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