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GOP debates score big in TV ratings

• Washington Post
The Republican primary debates — 15 full-fledged ones so far, and another Thursday night on Fox News Channel — have turned into one of the fall television season’s surprise hits. A record 7.6 million people tuned in Saturday night, barely three weeks before the first caucus in Iowa. The five most popular debates in recent weeks have attracted an average of 5.6 million viewers, a figure that would rank them as the most popular series on cable after pro-football games, 

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Comment by Ed Price
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Remember, outside of hacking critical points in the electronic election machines, the vote is carried by the masses that receive Government funding. Many (most? all?) of these will never understand that an imploded Government and money system reduces their Government check to $0.00. And that is exactly where Government and the money system are headed right now.

As usually happens, so it will probably happen again. Greedy politicians and bankers wreck the country. Then, when they can't figure out what to do about the deteriorating system, they allow or help a statesman get in. The statesman fixes the problems, but the people feel pain a somewhat. So the people blame the statesman, because they feel the pain when he is in office. That's where RP is headed if he becomes President.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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They say Ron Paul 'can't win' - HELL, HE'S ALREADY SMOKED EVERYONE!  No wonder he isn't running for his seat in Texas - THE LIBERTY AVALANCHE is already in motion whether he makes POTUS or not.

They gave him 88 seconds too much heh heh.

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