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When Progressives Attack!

• Kwiatkowski

Tomasky has been at this for a while, calling Herman Cain "… too self-absorbed to see that he made it as far as he did only because he is black," a "haughty horse’s ass" and a "buffoonish peacock." The contradictions and curiosities evident here are worthy of an entire book, but we simply don’t have the time.

Before we examine what the dear man has to say about Ron Paul, it’s important to look at how and where this "progressive" has slung the proverbial monkey poo. Of Newt, he rails, "The idea that he’s a serious presidential candidate is preposterous." Rick Perry was "a bubblehead." He has been dismissive of other candidates, and surprising gentle on Mitt Romney, seeing him as a beleaguered yet suitable GOP candidate, and even "feeling sorry for him.
"Tomasky’s tendency to belittle and be disgusted by a GOP presidential aspirant relates to a clearly mathematical calculation. No emotional tirades, no incoherent outbursts of political toddler rage. Rather, he’s all business. The math looks like this: Likelihood of getting the GOP nomination times the odds this guy can really beat Obama in November 2012 equals Tomasky’s fear factor.

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