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TREASON! by L. Neil Smith

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This act, among other obscenities, allows the military—who will also be betraying their oaths—to kidnap and "indefinitely detain" any American citizen on American soil or anywhere else, for any reason they wish, without due process under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or a thousand years of precedent under English law which is at the core of our legal culture. It is, in fact, a stab at terminating the rule of law in America, and with it, America's unique civilization.

There are many things that can be said of this event. One wonders why the cretins, criminals, and crazies in both Houses bothered to wrap it up in false respectability, rather than simply continue to let the state rule by decree, which it has pretty much been doing anyway, under the splendid excuses provided by the events of September 11, 2001.

But why do you suppose I said "attempting to pass" in my initial paragraph? Because one thing is absolutely certain: the NDAA is not the law, since it contradicts a higher law—the highest law of the land—the first ten amendments of the Constitution, commonly known as the Bill of Rights. Americans have fought and bled and killed and died believing—often falsely—that they were preserving the Bill of Rights. The current crop of politicians can't conceive of such dedication to an idea. It's what frightens them witless, spitless, and shitless about Muslims, or anybody else (gun and religion "clingers", for example) willing to offer their lives in the defense of a "mere" concept.

There is indeed a legal process for amending the Constitution, one that might theoretically make this recent travesty possible, but its problem is that it requires the explicit consent of a great many more individuals than the few hundred simpletons, saboteurs, and psychotics infesting Congress who voted for the NDAA, and it probably wouldn't pass.

And get this: even if it did, as I have been pointing out for more than thirty years, that would nullify the Bill of Rights, which was an absolute precondition under which the Constitution—from which these low-lives claim to derive their authority—was ratified in the first place. Put as simply as I can (somebody may need to read them the big words): no Bill of Rights (under the NDAA or anything resembling it), no Constitution; no Constitution, no government; no government, no them.

It isn't just a good idea, it's the law.

But the crimes against the Constitution keep on coming. As a measure of the administration's confidence and arrogance, the "Federal Emergency Management Administration"—FEMA—concentration camps that the government used to deny exist are now being openly stocked with supplies, and the hiring of future concentration camp guards has been announced in certain military circles. I suppose that's one of the benefits of having deliberately engineered the worst unemployment in American history. People will do anything—even pry the fillings out of murder victims' teeth—if they think they're feeding their families.

It's more than a job—it's an adventure!

The next step, of course, is the United Nations' Agenda 21, under which—by their own admission—the countryside will be "cleared" of its human "infection", and the populace reduced to a "sustainable" ten percent of what it is now. If you're reading this, you won't be part of that ten percent—unless you're a government spy, and even then ...


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Try  adding this to the list as well.

Any official, appointed or elected, at any level of government cannot be a member of the BAR

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