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TSA vs Cupcakes

• Lew Rockwell blog
"Security Theater" TSA Confiscates Woman's Frosted Cupcake," a reader shares his thoughts on my Facebook page: "KDC's worst nightmare--which enemy does she side with??!!!" While the story seems hilarious at first reading, it is indicative of the much larger problem of the government's $20 billion industry of terror that has spawned the TSA, Homeland Security, and the militarized police state.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      You're right about the billions spent by- not generated by - the "security industry". Not only do we get to be abused by these misfits, we get to PAY for the privilege. Can you say guinea pig? Mostly, we are simply being inculturated:  Get used to being watched and maneuvered; get used to being verbally, psychologically, and phyusically abused; get used to being treated as the slave you now are - you have no rights, unless the government is willing to PROTECT them! This means you have no rights, since the government wants only to control your thoughts and actions - since "it" can't control its own, and is constant;ly being exposed as the social-engneering gang of thugs and incompetents that it has been for the last 100-plus years. Past slaves only had to "pay" with their blood, tears, and lives; we get to bleed, cry, and die, also, but we get to actually pay for the "right". Now, that's progress...Don't you think?

     The TSA is nothing compared to what's in store! Get used to it - you earned it!