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Farrar Motion to Dismiss by Obama DENIED

• Orly Taitz esq dot com
I still can’t believe this. The order is in the link above. Judge Malihi, Deputy Chief judge of the Administrative court in GA, ruled, that Obama’s motion to dismiss is denied. He will have to stand trial and prove his eligibility for office.

This is particularly sweet, as it is happening in GA, where judge Clay D. Land maligned me so badly and attacked me with $20,000 of sanctions  in order to silence me, to stop me from challenging Obama. Judge Land was sending a message to other attorneys and intimidating them, de facto telling them, “you dare to go after Obama, raise the issue of his forged birth certificate and invalid Social Secrity number, establishment will attack you and sanction you, just like attorney Taitz” 

Now judge Malihi is sending a message: “nobody is above the law”


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Comment by John Heare
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 I thin k its time he has to prove he is a citizen, a natural born cityizen of the USA. His dad was a citizen of kenya, and the laws of the United States flatly say both parents have to be citizens of the USA. So therefore he is a lying imposter and we have a corrupt congress, so greedy and so bent on making this a socialist nation, they won't do anything about it!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA

Comment by PureTrust
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So, what does this really show us? It proves that it is Congress, particularly the Senate, perhaps way more than Obama, that is behind our loss of freedoms. Why? Because, when any Government official is found to NOT have been eligible from the start, for the office he landed, whether or not it is by election or appointment, any laws he has made, orders he has given, acts he has accomplished, are null and void from their inception.

What I mean is, the Senate is the one that put the NDAA in place. They were pushing it through to cover the possible (probable?) forthcoming impeachment or other removal of Obama. In other words, Obama is working for them! They are the ones pulling his strings. If he is pushed out of office - the election might do this pushing as well - the Senate needed certain laws in place that would survive the nullification of Obama's acts while acting as President.

Obama has been the scapegoat. Maybe all Presidents are. Poor little Congress people, suffering at the hands of the big bad President.

WHAT A LIE!!! It has been Congress all along that has been stealing your rights. And with Obama potentially OUT, they need acts and laws in place to keep the situation rolling at its normal pace. It's time we do like Montana. Recall and remove Congress.

WE WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITH A LOAD OF SMALL FARMERS AS CONGRESS PEOPLE!!! Let's make this change while we still can.